domenica 3 febbraio 2008

Mrs Birch Disciplinarian (Australia)

I am an experienced Victorian style Disciplinarian with genuine old-fashioned values. I provide a discreet, professional service to sincere adults in need of good old-fashioned discipline and corporal punishment. Traditional, English, scholastic and domestic styles of punishment are my specialty with an emphasis on role playing. My services also include Domestic training for Sissy Maids, Phone Discipline sessions, Chastity Key Holder Service and I am also available to train couples in the art of Domestic Domination and Discipline, as well as appropriate training for male and female pets. Although I do tend to attract those who enjoy the more medium to severe level of discipline, I don’t wish to put off anyone who may not be at that level. In fact I welcome the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the world of Corporal Punishment and do so in a safe and caring, consensual environment. You will find me strict, yet understanding.

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