domenica 20 novembre 2011

Fetish Roadmap

The human sexual imagination is a vast landscape, a sprawl of inter-connected suburbs and neighborhoods, a web of ideas. There are many ways to chart the routes in this new world. Connections are everywhere, and it depends greatly on one's subjective point of view to understand and disentangle this network.

Katharine Gates, author of Deviant Desires and (an expansion upon the book) has produced this Fetish Roadmap as an overview and field guide to fetishes. The map provides overviews of general categories such as "Animal transformation" or "Growth" as well as quick descriptions of the subcategories, such as "ponyplay" or "vore". It also describes base fetish materials, general thematic grouping, and popularity among different genders or sexual orientations.

As the internet grows and the various realms of sexual play expand, this map is a continuous growing roadmap into deviance.

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